CASE STUDY Insight The Japanese CBD market is still new and specialised, but it has great potential. This market is still developing, as the first CBD product (CBD oil) was launched in Japan in 2016. Given how consumer demand for natural and functional foods and products is growing substantially, CBD […]


CASE STUDY Insight Douyin, China’s leading short f…

Grande Cosmetics

CASE STUDY Insight Grande Cosmetics is a beauty brand that has designed and developed world leading eyelashes and eyebrow serums that “help you to have longer, more luscious looking lashes”. As beauty trends are rapidly evolving in China and becoming more aligned with global standards, they have recognized the unique […]

PMD Beauty

CASE STUDY Insight As the largest skincare market in the world, China is full of potential for an innovative American brand like PMD Beauty, which brings high-end skincare devices to global consumers. The country also represents an incredibly competitive market, in which brands must be agile, innovative and deliver significant […]


CASE STUDY Insight Promoting beauty products on Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Tmall requires constant innovation to stand out on consumers’ digital shelves. The Chinese beauty industry is very competitive and will reward brands who pay attention to details, both in terms of product, but also in terms of branding, […]

Suva Beauty

CASE STUDY Insight Chinese Gen-Z consumers’ …

iS Clinical

CASE STUDY Insight iS Clinical has developed professional skincare solutions that benefit a wide range of consumers around the globe. Before even having an official, active presence in the market, iS Clinical had become popular with select Chinese consumers, who had discovered the brand from fellow travellers and read positive […]

Grande Cosmetics

CASE STUDY Insight Whether we’re discussing AR, VR, or the broader “Metaverse”, mixed reality has become one of the most talked-about trends in the world of marketing, and China is no exception. The line between our physical and digital worlds are constantly being blurred, and consumers in the market are […]