CASE STUDY Insight One of China’s most notab…

Hydro Flask

CASE STUDY Insight Hydro Flask is a drinkware and outdoor accessories brand that’s popular among millennials and members of Gen-Z. Their success around the world is partially attributed to its popularity among many social media stars, especially on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The brand is successful, not only […]

Xero Shoes

CASE STUDY Insight Xero Shoes is spreading the movement of barefoot running in the US and around the globe. Since its creation, the footwear brand has converted tens of thousands of runners and outdoor enthusiasts by bringing to life products that focus on offering athletes a more natural feel and […]


CASE STUDY Insight Rudsak is an outdoor fashion br…

Johnny Was

CASE STUDY Insight Johnny Was is a high-quality, boho-chic clothing brand that entered the Chinese market in 2021. Johnny Was partnered with WPIC to oversee the company’s entry into China. Together they were able to distinguish the brand in the highly competitive Chinese fashion market. CASE STUDY Actions Focusing primarily […]


CASE STUDY Insight The China timepiece market has become the largest globally, creating significant opportunities for international brands. WPIC helped Timex, an iconic American watch brand, to establish its presence in the Chinese market through engaging social media campaigns and creative collaborations with other popular fashion brands such as Cynthia […]