One of China’s most notable fashion trends is the surging popularity of luxury down jackets. Chinese consumers—especially fashion-conscious young professionals—are increasingly willing to splurge on jackets that combine functionality with style.

The broader winter apparel market is also booming, helped (in large part) by the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Sports’ resulting growth in popularity in China.

When shopping for their new winter jackets, consumers in China are very much influenced by what celebrities and KOLs have to say. Establishing partnerships with celebrities and influencers can be an excellent way to gain awareness and consideration with young, affluent consumers in the market.



Ahead of the 2022 winter season, our team leveraged our partnerships with some of China’s most influential fashion magazines. These collaborations allowed Rudsak, a leading Canadian outerwear brand, to be featured in editorial-style photography with some of the upcoming icons of China, giving a big lift to the brand’s popularity in the market.

Creative Labs by WPIC was able to use these assets to promote the brand across multiple social media channels, putting Rudsak on the path to success in this competitive space.

This fall-winter campaign saw collaborations with fashion outlets Trendmo, Sense and Spotlight.