Xero Shoes is spreading the movement of barefoot running in the US and around the globe. Since its creation, the footwear brand has converted tens of thousands of runners and outdoor enthusiasts by bringing to life products that focus on offering athletes a more natural feel and motion.

Witnessing the fast growth in enthusiasm towards running in China and Asia more broadly, it was a natural expansion for Xero to start educating consumers in the region about their design and products.



WPIC launched Xero Shoes in China through a series of targeted activations, aimed at creating specific cases for barefoot running shoes. We launched a viral running challenges with KOLs on Douyin/Tiktok that trended in China and created millions of impressions of UGC for Xero Shoes. The challenge presented beautiful videos of KOL and KOCs running through some of the most amazing landscape in the country and inspired the audience to get moving with Xero Shoes.