CASE STUDY Insight Advocare brings health supplement products focused on providing energy, supporting nutritional support and other various benefits to consumers. For a brand like Advocare which promotes its product through healthy lifestyles, having a strong presence on social media is crucial. It can help connect with niche consumers and […]

Grande Cosmetics

CASE STUDY Insight Grande Cosmetics is a beauty brand that has designed and developed world leading eyelashes and eyebrow serums that “help you to have longer, more luscious looking lashes”. As beauty trends are rapidly evolving in China and becoming more aligned with global standards, they have recognized the unique […]

Hydro Flask

CASE STUDY Insight Hydro Flask is a drinkware and outdoor accessories brand that’s popular among millennials and members of Gen-Z. Their success around the world is partially attributed to its popularity among many social media stars, especially on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The brand is successful, not only […]


CASE STUDY Insight No matter where you are around the world, the parenting journey is a challenging one. While the joys of seeing a child grow are uplifting, the accumulated stress driven by a lack of sleep that comes from being a new parent can be difficult. To help parents […]

PMD Beauty

CASE STUDY Insight As the largest skincare market in the world, China is full of potential for an innovative American brand like PMD Beauty, which brings high-end skincare devices to global consumers. The country also represents an incredibly competitive market, in which brands must be agile, innovative and deliver significant […]

Xero Shoes

CASE STUDY Insight Xero Shoes is spreading the movement of barefoot running in the US and around the globe. Since its creation, the footwear brand has converted tens of thousands of runners and outdoor enthusiasts by bringing to life products that focus on offering athletes a more natural feel and […]