CASE STUDY Context We helped Vitamix introduce its brand to the health-focused Chinese market. Recognizing the rising interest in health and wellness, we tailored Vitamix’s messaging to align with local dietary trends and preferences. By partnering with health professionals and collaborating with wellness-focused platforms, we aimed to enhance brand credibility […]


CASE STUDY Insight BLACKWOOD, a premium American pet food brand, aimed to establish a stronger presence in the competitive Chinese pet food market. With numerous local and international brands competing for the attention of pet owners, BLACKWOOD needed a strategic approach to highlight the superior quality of its products, appeal […]

Kimchi Chic

CASE STUDY Insight KimChi Chic, a vibrant and inclusive beauty brand known for its bold and colorful makeup products, aimed to carve out a niche in the competitive Chinese beauty market. Recognizing the growing demand for innovative and expressive makeup among Chinese consumers, KimChi Chic tailored its messaging to resonate […]


CASE STUDY Insight Skypark by AJ Hackett Macau, renowned for its adrenaline-pumping attractions like bungee jumping, faced the challenge of establishing itself in the competitive Chinese adventure tourism market. With numerous destinations vying for the attention of thrill-seekers, Skypark needed a strategic approach to highlight its unique experience offerings, attract […]


CASE STUDY Context Le Monde Gourmand, a fragrance brand known for its captivating scents and elegant packaging, faced the challenge of establishing its presence in the competitive Chinese fragrance market. With a myriad of domestic and international fragrance brands competing for attention, Le Monde Gourmand needed a strategic approach to […]


CASE STUDY Context Rudsak, a renowned Canadian fashion brand known for its contemporary designs and premium leather goods, faced the challenge of making a mark in the competitive Chinese fashion market. With an array of established domestic and international competitors vying for attention, Rudsak needed a strategic approach to establish its presence, […]


CASE STUDY Context Loop Earplugs, a premium earplug brand recognized for its innovative design and comfort, faced the challenge of establishing a foothold in the competitive Chinese market. With a plethora of local and international competitors, Loop needed to devise a branding strategy that would resonate with Chinese consumers, increase […]

iS Clinical

CASE STUDY Context iS Clinical, a luxury skincare brand known for its innovative, science-based products, sought to strengthen its presence in the competitive Chinese skincare market by engaging consumers through localized and culturally relevant strategies. The brand aimed to increase awareness, engagement, and sales by leveraging influencer marketing and key […]


CASE STUDY Context TABASCO® recently introduced a new brand positioning, communications strategy, and visual branding system aimed at GenNOW consumers. This refreshed approach underscores TABASCO® as a legendary hot sauce thatuniquely  energizes food. To amplify this new brand identity, TABASCO®’s global strategy leverages paid media and collaborations with popular food KOLs. Recognizing […]

Versa Gripps

CASE STUDY Context Versa Gripps, a leading brand for functional fitness accessories, faced the challenge of establishing its presence in the burgeoning and competitive Chinese fitness market. With a multitude of fitness brands and equipment vying for attention, Versa Gripps needed a strategic approach to resonate with fitness enthusiasts, drive […]