Versa Gripps, a leading brand for functional fitness accessories, faced the challenge of establishing its presence in the burgeoning and competitive Chinese fitness market. With a multitude of fitness brands and equipment vying for attention, Versa Gripps needed a strategic approach to resonate with fitness enthusiasts, drive product adoption, and foster brand loyalty.



Recognizing that Chinese consumers have unique needs for functional fitness products, we tailored Versa Gripps’ marketing to align with local trends and training methods. Through gym partnerships and collaborations with trainers, the brand aimed to boost credibility and expand its audience. By forming alliances with key gyms and offering exclusive access to its products and specialized training sessions, Versa Gripps positioned itself as a vital accessory in the functional fitness realm. Collaborations with trainers and influencers promoted Versa Gripps’ products, showcasing their benefits in tailored workout routines. Integrating Versa Gripps into gym settings and training programs highlighted their functionality and versatility, aiding grip strength and injury prevention. Leveraging social media platforms like Douyin and Xiaohongshu, the brand engaged with fitness enthusiasts, sharing user-generated content to foster community involvement and brand advocacy.

Launched over 50 KOL collaborations in the first 6 months of the program

Generated over 3M views with an organic short video demonstrating the product benefits

Produce livestreaming campaign which generated sales with ROAS over 8