International child / baby / maternity products have historically been some of the highest-demanded foreign goods in China. With most parents in the market still raising only one child, the care and attention given to their baby is amongst the highest in the world.

This is not only true for the education of children, but also true for the products that parents decide to purchase for their babies. Parents typically pay attention to (and want to buy) international products, as they tend to trust the quality and safety of global brands.

That said, the space is also highly competitive, where brands and products must find creative ways to explain their unique value proposition. Hello Bello entered the APAC market with the idea that all parents should be able to access premium quality products for their babes.



Working with the Hello Bello global team, Creative Labs by WPIC developed a series of videos, highlighting some of the key features of Hello Bello products. They did this by demonstrating the use of Hello Bello products by Chinese families in peaceful and premium settings.

This degree of brand localization is now necessary in China, as brands are trying to engage with local consumers, which trust the choices of other parents in their network. The Creative Labs / Hello Bello video campaign presented a fun, light and peaceful image of the brand, which demonstrated an aspirational lifestyle for most of Hello Bello’s target audience.