Hydro Flask is a drinkware and outdoor accessories brand popular among millennials and generation Z. Their success around the world is partially attributed to its popularity among many social media stars, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The brand is successful, not only because of rising environmental and health concerns among young affluent consumers, but also because of the quality and appearance of its products.

As outdoor lifestyle-focused consumption is growing quickly in China, Hydro Flask worked with WPIC to launch its product in the market and create localized campaigns and content that tap into today’s zeitgeist in China.



Inspired by Hydro Flask’s global “Let’s Go” campaign, WPIC collaborated with several influencers in the outdoor and active lifestyle communities to create a campaign focused on user-generated content, which encouraged young Chinese people to try new experiences and get more active. Inspired by the rise of new popular outdoor activities in China, WPIC worked with content creators to promote skateboarding, frisbee, camping, and hiking, as well as urban exploration in large Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing – all with the help of Hydro Flask drinkware.