iS Clinical has developed professional skincare solutions that benefit a wide range of consumers around the globe. Before even having an official, active presence in the market, iS Clinical had become popular with select Chinese consumers, who had discovered the brand from fellow travellers and read positive reviews in other markets.

This organic traction gave iS Clinical confidence to engage more actively in the Chinese market, to grow the awareness of their products and, ultimately, drive revenue. 



Creative Labs organized a soft launch campaign for iS Clinical just ahead of 11.11 Singles’ Day to inform consumers about the opportunity to purchase their products on a new Tmall flagship store.

The soft launch leveraged many existing consumers, who were already brand advocates in the market (also known as KOC’s or key opinion consumers), as well as relevant niche media.

We created gift packaging, which was sent out to this targeted community of influencers, generating a high amount of earned PR and brand interest. The campaign reached 30 million people, just in time for the biggest e-commerce and retail event of the year.