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Hello Bello

CASE STUDY Insight International child / baby / maternity products have historically been some of the highest-demanded foreign goods in China. With most parents in the market still raising only one child, the care and attention given to their baby is amongst the highest in the world. This is not […]


CASE STUDY Insight Advocare brings health supplement products focused on providing energy, supporting nutritional support and other various benefits to consumers. For a brand like Advocare which promotes its product through healthy lifestyles, having a strong presence on social media is crucial. It can help connect with niche consumers and […]

New Roots Herbal

CASE STUDY Insight New Roots Herbals ranks among North America’s leaders for innovative, evidence-based natural health products. Combining a team of naturopathic practitioners and doctors with some of the best science and nature has to offer, they have developed a large range of product which have a lot of appeal […]


CASE STUDY Insight No matter where you are around the world, the parenting journey is a challenging one. While the joys of seeing a child grow are uplifting, the accumulated stress driven by a lack of sleep that comes from being a new parent can be difficult. To help parents […]

Diva Cup

CASE STUDY Insight Feminine hygiene and menstruation are still relatively taboo topics in China. While the conversation has started to open up among a certain demographic of Chinese women, the ability to discuss the challenges experienced by women is still not open to most. This created an opportunity for a […]

Xero Shoes

CASE STUDY Insight Xero Shoes is spreading the movement of barefoot running in the US and around the globe. Since its creation, the footwear brand has converted tens of thousands of runners and outdoor enthusiasts by bringing to life products that focus on offering athletes a more natural feel and […]

Monos Travel

CASE STUDY Insight Monos luggage advertises itself as “the best travel companion”. Chinese consumers are among the most active travelers in the world. Monos luggage saw this as an opportunity to start traveling with Chinese tourists. The 2020 global travel restrictions led young Chinese travelers to explore the beauty of […]

Suva Beauty

CASE STUDY Insight Chinese Gen-Z consumers’ …

Juice Plus+

CASE STUDY Insight The health and wellness sector is booming in China, as growing awareness of taking care of one’s well-being is leading consumers to invest more in products and solutions that promote healthy lifestyles. Fortunately, foreign brands enjoy a reputational advantage in this space. Juice Plus+ specializes in fruit […]