Whether we’re discussing AR, VR, or the broader “Metaverse”, mixed reality has become one of the most talked-about trends in the world of marketing, and China is no exception. The line between our physical and digital worlds are constantly being blurred, and consumers in the market are going back and forth between the two, spending time and engaging in commerce in each world.

Whether they are communicating, being entertained, shopping, or working, Chinese consumers are finding more and more aspiration in the digital world, which is improving, augmenting, and inspiring their lives in the physical world.

To help Grande Cosmetics take advantage of this new trend and jump into China’s beauty Metaverse, Creative Labs collaborated with one of the most popular animated characters in China, presenting them with attractive eyelashes, courtesy of the New York-based brand. 



Grande Cosmetics collaborated with the Dongman digital comic app to launch a co-branding event targeting Gen-Z females in China. The app has nearly 100 million registered users, 90% of which are females between 18 and 35 years old.

This brand awareness campaign was a cost-effective initiative launched on Weibo, which generated over 500 million impressions and initiated nearly 1,500 conversations.

Followers were also invited to share their favorite cartoon character’s eyelashes with the chance to participate in a lucky draw of Grande Cosmetics’ most popular products. This fun, interactive and creative campaign created a big buzz on Chinese social media, where people were discussing which of their favorite cartoon characters has their favorite look.