Feminine hygiene and menstruation are still relatively taboo topics in China. While the conversation has started to open up among a certain demographic of Chinese women, the ability to discuss the challenges experienced by women is still not open to most. This created an opportunity for a brand like Diva Cup, a global leader in feminine health and wellness, to encourage women to express themselves freely through open dialogue.



Diva Cup and WPIC collaborated with Liang Yu, one of China’s most forward-thinking celebrities when it comes to women’s health. Together they launched a campaign to inspire women to embrace their periods and celebrate their feminine qualities. Delivered through an authentic storytelling television commercial (TVC) that describes the key challenges that women face during their menstrual cycles, the campaign reached hundreds of millions of viewers in China and generated a healthy discussion around the previously taboo topic.

Furthermore, the campaign was also supported by offline initiatives and education sessions for women and girls in historically poorer areas of China, ensuring that female consumers felt empowered across the socio-economic spectrum.